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Drive Higher Value From Wellhead To Corner Office

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Faced with an uncertain market and increasing demands to drive efficiency and value, oil and gas operators and non-operators are faced with difficult choices: trim back and continue about business as usual with the hope that the market returns; or try to gain efficiency by taking a risk on new technology with the hopes that the investment is worthwhile.

What if the answer is neither?

Don’t miss this chance to meet and speak with leading software and service providers to the Oil and Gas industry during one of our our upcoming forums on Unlocking Value and Reducing Risk With Lease Automation.

Join us to learn

  • How to ensure that data stored in Systems of Record such as Land and Accounting accurately matches data recorded in oil and gas leases
  • How to perform due diligence for acquisitions and divestitures faster, more accurately and with far less risk that ever before
  • How to avoid losing millions on a transaction due to bad or incomplete data
  • How to scale your ability to handle more leases without outsourcing and without overwhelming your staff
  • How to never put a lease in jeopardy again! With Agile Lease Insights, the answers are a click away.


About Agile Upstream

Agile Upstream equips the oil & gas industry with software and services needed to excel in an increasingly tight marketplace. Agile Land Insight™ is the newest addition to a suite of software tools designed to meet the demands of exploration and production, including: AFE and capitol budget management; land records; and business intelligence and reporting.

About ABBYY Software

ABBYY sets the standard in document capture and language-based technologies, enabling enterprises to action information across the entire information lifecycle. ABBYY’s solutions optimize business processes to mitigate risk, accelerate decision-making and drive revenue.